+ How much will our website cost?

As with anything custom made the price will vary with the project. Most projects range from $1500.00 to $4500.00, depending on your requirements. Each website is quoted based on your responses to the questionnaire, our discussions and your expressed budget if you have one established.

+ How long will it take for the website to be completed?

Normally website projects have a time frame of between 6 and 10 weeks depending on the size of the project. If content is readily available and you are providing timely responses to our emails as it relates to the design and content, the process may go more quickly.

+ Are there advantages of choosing either WordPress or Squarespace?

Both platforms are very robust and have a wide range of features and capabilities. What makes the difference is the overall goals of the website and the requirements of the user. We will review your responses to the questionnaire and our discussions and make a recommendation. You are always free to choose your preferred platform and should you change your mind in the future, we can transition your website to the other platform.

+ Do we need to be near 54 Design Group to work together?

Being in our mid-Missouri area isn't necessary at all to work with us, having said that, most of our clients are in our region. If you're outside of our region consider the cost savings of working with a developer in a "flyover state". We work with the same WordPress and Squarespace as those elsewhere, and at a more attractive price.

+ How simple is it to make updates to the website?

Both Squarespace and WordPress enable the owner of the website to make changes to the content, images, etc. in a straighforward manner. We understand few if any end users want to write their content in HTML and that's perfectly understandable. Squarespace has an intuitive content management system and the platform we use for developing WordPress sites provides easy content management.

+ Does 54 Design Group offer content management services?

Yes we do. Each client has unique requirements and we will create a content management and/or website maintenance plan to suit your needs and budget on either an as needed, monthly or annual basis.

+ Will the website be mobile friendly?

Absolutely, whether you choose the WordPress or Squarespace platform your website will be mobile friendly and responsive. This will ensure it looks great on any device.

+ How are payments arranged?

Normal terms of payment are 50% down to start the project with the remaining amount due prior to publishing the website. If you would like to discuss other arrangments, such as payments over 6 months, please contact us.

+ How much input will we have during the design process?

Your input is important to the successful completion of your project. Our work agreement with you ensures both parties are moving ahead for an ontime completion of your website. Based on your responses to our questionnaire, our discussions and your ideas, we will provide a design concept for you to consider. Your input and suggestions are vital to our meeting your needs and timeline.

+ Who provides the content for the website?

In most circumstances the content for the website is provided by you, which includes written content and images. We will work with your submitted content to correct any grammatical or syntax errors and then, as appropriate, develop key words and meta descriptions that relate to the page. This is basic on page SEO and is an important part of your website success.

+ Where will my website be hosted?

All WordPress websites developed by us are hosted with Flywheel Managed Hosting located in Omaha, NE. Flywheel only manages WordPress websites and their services include daily backups, SSL encryption, virtual private servers and more. Squarespace websites are hosted with Squarespace and they also offer SSL encryption, backups, and a wide range of features. As Squarespace Circle members, we are able to offer 20% off your first year of hosting with Squarespace and provide a six month trial period rather than the standard two weeks.

+ Will 54 Design Group help us in the future with changes?

Absolutely! We are happy to help you with any website changes or updates you may have. It's understanable that from time to time staff will change or you simply don't have the time to make changes. We work either as needed, or if you prefer, we can create a maintenance plan specifically for your business or organization.

If you have questions that weren’t addressed here please use our Contact Form and reach out to us for more information.