Captivating graphics make a visual impact that words sometimes cannot convey. Implementing these elements in a manner that’s relevant to the content of your website will emphasize your message and create a visual representation of your company or organization with your customer.

If you need interesting, captivating graphics, logos, print layouts or shirt designs, Erin can handle it with ease.

Erin Chambers is an award winning journalist, graphic designer and photographer with a degree from Louisiana State University in Mass Communication. She has a passion and design skill for manipulating the English language in ways that are compelling and captivating.

She has professional experience in video editing, animation, photography, teaching, writing, copy editing, Facebook marketing and corporate, magazine, newspaper and yearbook design.

Erin understands the importance of that single image or logo that will identify your organization or business and define who you are in the mind of your audience. Your logo and branding must be relevant yet captivating, attractive and powerful. Think of the major brands you’re familiar with and imagine the power of the design if the words were different such as the Nike or Coca-Cola logos…you’ll instantly think of them and that’s the power of a well thought out and designed logo. Erin can do this for you.

Using professional software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and others, Erin will bring your vision of the perfect logo to reality. From there we will add her designs and assets to your website to complete your marketing package.