WordPress is a great choice for many types of businesses and organizations and businesses. It's ability to adapt to your requirements with an impressive range of plugins is a primary reason it's so popular. It's well supported by the developer community, has a lot of great features and can be moved between web hosting companies with relative ease.

But make no mistake, WordPress definitely has a learning curve. If you've ever attempted to modify a theme or perform other tasks within WordPress, you'll know it might be simple but that doesn't mean easy. We’ve been working in WordPress for over 10 years and are aware of the many challenges new users of WordPress discover. We’ll get your website up and running quickly and then assist you with learning the ropes. If you’d prefer we managed your website, all the better!

After discussing with you your goals for the website now and in the future, we'll determine if WordPress is your best option and then create a plan to get you started.

convert your basic Website to a cms (content management system)

Do you have a website built on another platform or perhaps your current website is outdated and you want to explore what WordPress or Squarespace may have to offer?

We can review your current website, have you answer some key questions, and then provide a no obligation proposal for redesigning your current website into WordPress. You’ll own the website and have total access to everything you’ll need to keep it updated and running smoothly.