Updating a website is an ongoing task that requires diligence and knowledge of the platform the website is developed upon. For WordPress it’s important to ensure the core WordPress software is kept up to date and any plugins or themes you may be using are also updated, as appropriate.

With your business to run or organization to oversee, it’s easy to understand how a few months (or years…yikes!), can go by before necessary updates are performed. For a modest monthly or annual fee we will perform the necessary updates for you on a regular basis to ensure your site is running smoothly.

Our managed hosting partner, Flywheel, will ensure your website is running the latest version of WordPress on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to ensure stability, speed and security. We will monitor your plugins and theme for compatibility on a regular basis and after every major upgrade to WordPress.

Content and blog updates are different than software upgrades in that the focus is on the content, images, video, etc. that make up the substance of your website. Keeping content updated is one of the simplest ways to keep new and returning visitors engaged with your message. However like a lot of things, it’s yet another task you’ll need to complete each day, week or month. By providing us the content, we will ensure it’s added to your website in a timely manner and at a rate you can afford.